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Kalpanarts is open to collaborations and organizing events for your organisation. We created dance performances for various institutions and companies such as the Hermitage Museum, the Free to Move Spierfonds Gala in the Zuiderstrand Theater and the Hunger Project. Not only do we have beautiful solos & duets that can be booked, we also work on assignment and tailor-made. In this way we can mean a lot for your company or celebration.

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What can we do for your company?


Tailor-made dance

– solos, duets or multiple dancers, often in combination with live musicians

– for a celebration or event and the mission and vision of your organization

Personal encounters (meet & greets)
with the dancers / performers backstage during our tours.

A buy-out performance of one of the Kalpanarts repertoire performances, organized for your company and accessible to employees and relations.

– The afternoon / evening can be presented by an experienced host,

– We organize this special evening in collaboration with a theater and it is equipped with the necessary technical resources and catering facilities.

When booking a special Kalpanarts company presentation you do not have to worry about anything. We take care of everything, your company only has to make the guest list and enjoy theater, dance, music and tradition.


Ready to book


Samam (1)

Samam means ‘to gather’ or ‘to be together’ in Sankrit. This duet was originally made for De Hermitage (‘Friends of the Hermitage’) inspired by the special exhibition Classic Beauties.

Samam is a moving duet with a poetic atmosphere. Indian footwork, graceful hand movements, expressive eyes and contemporary dance come together in a unique and powerful way.

The music is a recording of a Philip Glass composition performed by the harpist Lavinia Meijer, and can be adapted if desired. The costumes can -depending on the atmosphere and the context of the event- be adapted to create the desired look.

original version of 10 minutes (duration can be adjusted)

alternating among others Goda Zukaiskaité and Lars de Vors


Aasai (2)

A duet about passion and sensuality set to tango music by Piazolla. Themes such as passion, desire, jealousy and sensuality form the basis of the choreography. The Libertango music serves as the basis for the duet where fiery footwork is combined with contemporary dance movements.

Dancers: alternating among others Rosanna ter Steege and Gino Taytelbaum


Tara (3)

This solo is danced by Indu Panday, one of the best Indian dancer in the Netherlands. She is accompanied live by bass guitarist Mark Haanstra. A surprising combination of bass guitar music and traditional inspired dance. Tara means star in Sanskrit. In this solo the tension between silence and sound and the gravitational pull of stars on the earth can be felt.


Fluid (4)

This striking solo is danced by the well-known break dancer Denden Karadeniz musically accompanied by live vocals by the Indian Sashwathi Jagadish. With her sharp South Indian voice, this urban dancer is challenged to present herself in a vulnerable position without losing strength. Rhythms, floor work, hand gestures and fluidity all come together in this powerful and moving solo.


Water under Snow (5)

Here we see dancers in an intimate and playful duet with the unique dance language of Kalpanarts on a Finnish music composition.

alternating including Goda Zukauskaité & Indu Panday


Stream or Touch (6)

Is a dance duet about touch and removal. The dancers tempt each other into rapprochement.

varying including Goda Zukauskaité & Gino Taytelbaum


All solos & duets can be performed in both large locations and very small spaces. The duets last about 10-15 minutes but can also be presented longer or shorter. The costumes can -depending on the atmosphere- and the context of the event, be adjusted to create the desired look.


For more information about the options and rates, please contact
Gysèle ter Berg
06 415 020 79